The Mosquito Doctor


Will the mosquito doctor treatment kill every mosquito on my property?

Neither The Mosquito Doctor nor any other company can guarantee 100% control.  It is still possible for a mosquito to fly into your yard from a neighbor's yard or some other untreated area.  Once the mosquito eats the treated foliage it will be its last meal.

Are the chemicals safe for my family?

Yes, most of the chemicals we use are natural.  Our main barrier spray is a synthetic form of the pyrethrins called pyrethroids.  Pyrethins are derived from the extracts of the chrysanthemum flower and have been used as an insecticide for hundreds of years.  These products are labeled for indoors as well.  We do ask that people and pets are inside while we apply and until the products dry.  (Usually 30 minutes).

How long does the treatment last?

Our most popular treatment last for 21 days, the natural treatment lasts for 14 days and the repellant last up to 7 days.

What areas of my yard do treat?

We treat all the landscape beds, shrubs, foundation surface, under decks and shady areas around the yard.  There is no need to treat cut grass since very few pests live there.

Do you service commercial accounts?

Yes we sure do great for outdoor patios, decks, golf courses, parks, restaurants, campgrounds, pools, and lake homes.



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